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About This Project

The Salaué Primary School is located in the rural community of Silva Macua, in the District of Ancuabe, Province of Cabo Delgado, about 85km from the capital city of Pemba. Silva Macua is a crossroad for the various regions North, Center and South of the province. For this reason, the area is characterized by trade in agricultural products which the local population produces and sells to buses that pass through the various destinations, including the city of Pemba, via the EN1 national road.

The houses are built with walls of clay and grass cover. There is a dam and wells where the population will fetch water for their own consumption. Most of the population speaks Macua as the local language.

There is a community school and a primary school complete with rooms built by partner organization Helpo. The school currently teaches the entire primary level from 1st to 7th grade and is considered the seat of the region's area of ​​pedagogical influence (ZIP). By 2018, the school had 1050 students, of whom 521 were girls.

The primary school has five conventional classrooms, one administrative block and four mixed rooms. Of these five classrooms, two were recovered and equipped in 2015, and the remaining three classrooms were built in 2017. With the construction of these last classrooms, attendance increased in 2018 by 36%. For the continuation of studies in secondary education, the nearest school is 12 km away in Metoro, very large distance for walking and arriving in time for classes.

However, despite the abundant trade of agricultural products in the community, incomes are used to purchase necessities for survival and are not enough for parents to pay for their children's education in secondary education. Fortunately, the partner organization Helpo, which monitors students from primary school, started to provide secondary school scholarships, which include the payment of tuition, uniform and school supplies. Adding a bicycle to this scholarship will allow the student beneficiaries to finally enter the nearest high school in Metoro without having any problems of travel. We will help 12 of these young people to have this opportunity.

This campaign will provide:

  • 12 Bicycles
  • Transport
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Basic training on bicycle care and maintenance


Raised: $1800
Bikes: 12

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