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About This Project

Peasants and Livestock Promoters - Assistance to Vulnerable Communities in the Province of Sofala

The Provincial Directorate for Agriculture and Food Safety-DPASA is the organ that ensures the implementation of agrarian activity in the province of Sofala, to whom they provide technical assistance. There is a network of 900 peasants of which 275 simultaneously play the role promoters (they ensure animal vaccinations in the communities).

The peasant and promoter are individuals that are selected inside the community, to receive adequate training in order to pass along that information to other producers in their community so they can increase their productivity. For this project, 80 candidates have been selected, who are the most active peasants in the past five years.

With the donation of the bikes the peasants would improve the points below:

• Greater support for rural communities in improving their living conditions through agro assistance and increased agricultural productivity; • Increase in technical assistance coverage of agrarian and veterinary extension services; • Improvement in the health of beneficiaries through animal protein; • Improvement the quality of life of beneficiaries by shortening distances; • Improvement in the family income of the most disadvantaged households in the communities mainly through assistance to increase agricultural productivity and vaccination of chickens, avoiding mortality due to the Newcastle disease.

This campaign will provide:

  • 80 Bicycles
  • Transport
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Basic training on bicycle care and maintenance


Raised: $12000
Bikes: 78

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Maputo, Mozambique

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