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About This Project

Trainers and activists empower orphans and homeless - Maputo

Vumbuluka is a community association created in 2004 in Maputo. The group currently has a universe of 37 young people trained in different areas such as: theater, singing, dancing, painting, sewing, electricity.

Young people play the most varied roles, monitors, trainers and activists of the group who struggle to instill the values of the association in about 250 young people and children, orphans and homeless, mostly female. Their main objectives are:

- Promote an information forum so that young people know more about their rights and duties within society;

- Contribute to the development of dynamic young people, with a sense of responsibility and initiative (entrepreneurs);

- Inculcate the spirit of solidarity and citizenship within the members of the group and the community;

- To develop and promote freedom of expression among young people and children through cultural and literary manifestations;

- Contribute to the emancipation of women;

- Fight for the social and family reintegration of street children.

Most of these activists face a daily struggle in order to reach all these children because they are located in various parts of the city, reaching more than 15 km a day to pick up the children for training or to lecture on their own neighborhoods

The aim of this campaign is to provide the Vumbuluka association with 10 bicycles that will serve to revitalize their work, educating more and more children and young people.

This campaign will provide:

  • 10 Bicycles
  • Transport to Vumbuluka Mozambique
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Basic training on bicycle care and maintenance


Raised: $1600
Bikes: 10

Av. Kwame Nkrumah, n˚417, Sommerschield
Maputo, Mozambique

+258 82 821 7825

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