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About This Project

Casa do Gaiato is a private social institution, founded by Pai Américo in 1940.

In Mozambique the Casa do Gaiato is located in the province of Maputo, specifically in the district of Boane, about 60 km from Maputo city.

Casa do Gaiato rescues newborns, children and young people found living in inhuman conditions, and takes them to a safe family environment, where they are placed in school, fed, and practice activities focused on the development of new skills and new businesses.

The children of Gaiato's house are not only rescued in Mozambique, but also in neighboring countries such as: Swaziland, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The role of the institution is to educate these children in a safe environment, surrounded by nature and prepare them in the best possible way for adult life, which is done by analysing the potential of each of them and guiding them towards it. Some seek university studies, others attend a professional school, others try to get an internship with the help of Sister Quitéria, who organizes these internships close to some friends of the institution, such as Mozambikes.

This means of transportation will serve, among other things, to help the boys do their jobs faster and stop walking. By doing so on a bicycle, they become more autonomous and are able to help their brothers and the institution.

This campaign will provide:

  • 50 Bicycles
  • Transport
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Tool Box
  • Bicycle care, mechanics and maintenance training


Raised: $7500
Bikes: 50

Av. Kwame Nkrumah, n˚417, Sommerschield
Maputo, Mozambique

+258 82 821 7825

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