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Secondary Students walk 16km to school in Teacane

The community of Teacane, in the Province of Nampula in Northern Mozambique, is located 16km from the main city and connected only by one dirt road. Teacane, like most communities in the area, is an isolated village with very rural characteristics.

The main activity in the village is subsistence farming, with some attempts to increase incomes by selling mud blocks, charcoal and cashew nuts. There is virtually no public transport to Teacane, and each and every single trip to the city takes over 3 hours by foot. Teacane has no source of potable water, and people drink untreated water from a well dug in the area. Living conditions in Teacane are difficult, with no consideration to sanitation or nutrition, and the most affected groups are women and children.

At the end of primary education, the youths in this community become divided. Some can stay with family and continue schooling at the schools in the city. Many stop going to school and instead go to work in the fields with the families in Teacane. A very few determined and motivated students continue to live in the village with their parents, but walk for hours each way, every day, to continue their studies and seek a better future.

This campaign will provide bicycles to 11 students who struggle to walk over 2 hours in each direction to attend school. A bicycle will not only drastically change their lives and reduce the time they spend traveling to school, but will add valuable transport into this rural village to help uplift the overall community.

These bicycles will be distributed in partnership with Helpo, an NGO that currently provides other forms of support for students in Teacane, including enrollment fees, uniforms and classroom materials.

This project will provide:

  • 11 Bycicles
  • Transport to remote village of Teacane in Northern Mozambique
  • Spare parts and accesories (Led Light, Pumps, tools and patch kit)
  • Training session on how to ride and perform basic maintenance on the bicycles


Raised: $2400
Bikes: 11

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