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Secondary students in Matibane

Matibane is a community in the Administrative Post of Anchilo in the Northern Province of Namaacha. Matibane is located 40km from Nampula City, but is largely rural with

the majority of the population living in a situation of extreme poverty, surviving on family subsistence farming activities. The majority of the population speaks only the native language of Macua.

Houses in Matinbane are constructed with mud blocks with woven grass roofs. Sanitation and electricity are not available in this area. Water supply is a severe problem, with a scarcity of water sources such as wells to support the population. The only tar road is the one that connects the village to the city of Nampula, with public transport consisting of small vans traveling only occasionally back and forth.

The Secondary School of Anchilo is the only school for the region. It is located 10km from Matibane, so all students in the village must walk two hours each morning and evening to attend. Four hours of travel means that they have no time for homework, household duties or time with their families. The long distances also cause the high rates of attrition, causing Secondary graduation rates in Mozambique to be among the lowest in the world.

This project will provide 42 students with bicycles to school in less than one hour, significantly changing their lives and incentivizing them to continue their studies. The bicycles will also provide family benefits, being used to collect goods from the market and assist in the family farming plots on the weekends.

This project will provide:

  • 42 Bikes
  • Transport to remote village of Matibane in Northern Mozambique
  • Spare parts and accessories (Led Light, Pumps, tools and patch kit)
  • Basic training for all 42 students on bicycle care and maintenance


Raised: $6200
Bikes: 42

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