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The Kulinji association is located in Milange district, 374km far from the provincial capital of Quelimane, and has the objective helping the rural communities of Matope, Mataje-Ivile, Nkwera and Magwela.

The project, implemented by Kulinji, aims to support the communities of Nkwera and Magwela, which have been facing immense difficulties in executing their daily tasks, due to the lack of transportation that helps in their mobility.

The people of these communities, daily move on foot to areas far from their homes, to perform their tasks, such as going to their fields, fetching water or firewood.

These people have agriculture as their main activity, but during the time when this activity is not performed, they end up producing and selling coal, as a way to guarantee their families income and survival. They travel distances between 55 and 62 km to the market that is in Milange Village, so that they can sell their agricultural products and their charcoal bags.

Due to the distance, there are times that they rent the cab bicycle and pay between 100 to 150 meticais per day, or get a ride from people of good will.

This campaign is intended to raise 25 bicycles for the habitants of these communities. These bicycles will help them in their lives, allowing them to move more quickly and easily to reach their farms, the health center and the market, thus contributing to make their daily tasks much easier to accomplish.

This campaign will provide:

  • 25 Bicycles
  • Transport
  • Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Basic training on bicyvle care and maintenance
Hey! We've raised $0 of the $3,750.00 we are trying to raise for this campaign!

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