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Quelimane, also known as the city of bikes in Mozambique, is the capital of the province of Zambézia, in the center of Mozambique. Illiteracy, unemployment and crime are some of the major problems affecting young people.

Most of the access roads to Quelimane are not paved and are bumpy. The public and urban transport network is deficient and precarious since urban conditions do not favor it.

The neighborhoods of Quelimane are between 3 and 10 km from the center of the city, so every day students, public and private employees, businessmen, etc. use the bike taxi to get to their destination and perform other tasks that require the support of the Bike such as the transport of goods, construction materials, furniture, etc.

However, bikes have proved to be highly effective and accessible means of transporting people and goods as well as an alternative to self-employment, especially for young people, and alleviation of poverty through the provision of Bike Taxi services.

This campaign aims to raise 10 bicycles for 10 young entrepreneurs with a cycle-taxi project called Nginga. Nginga intends to be a Social company for the provision of cycle-taxi services, mechanical assistance, sale of bicycle accessories and trainings to cycle-local taxi drivers.

This campaign will provide:


Raised: $1500
Bikes: 10

Av. Kwame Nkrumah, n˚417, Sommerschield
Maputo, Mozambique

+258 82 821 7825

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