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Juntos para o Bem Estar da Comunidade

The Associação Juvenil para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário ANANDJIRA, in the city of Beira located in the Sofala Province and aims to help the surrounding communities supporting Mozambican children increasing the level of knowledge, in the areas of preschool education, sexual and reproductive health and sanitation. Most of these activities are carried out in the neighborhood of Munhava, the most populous neighborhood of Beira and has low levels of childhood education due to the lack of schools, also those vulnerable communities have numerous teens from 10 to 24 years old in difficult circumstances like premature marriages, teen pregnancies, alcoholism and sexual transmissions infections. Today, the association is composed of 162 members, were 90 are female and 72 male, all them carry out community activities such as: awareness in schools and communities through lectures in closed and open sessions, theatre and dance with the aim of empowering and stimulating the growth of communities. With this campaign, the GOAL is to raise enough money for 20 bicycles that will benefit the association, allowing activists to carry out more activities and move quicker to the health centers, schools and on the door-to-door surveys in those communities. Consequently the lives of the people of the Munhava community will improve since the activists will be able to reach them a lot quicker therefore help them in less time. Com esta campanha, pretende-se angariar 20 bicicletas que irão beneficiar a associação permitindo que os activistas realizem mais actividades e se desloquem com mais rapidez aos centros de saúde, as escolas e no levantamento de dados porta a porta nas comunidades, melhorando a vida das pessoas da comunidade da Munhava porque os activistas estarão no local mais depressa. Nowadays the activists walk distances ranging from 6 to 14 km per day moving to the place where the daily activity will take place and several times the actcity has to be canceled due to lack of transport, so these new bicycles will be a game changer for the life of these activists but also for the communities that will better served.

This campaign will provide:


Raised: $3000
Bikes: 20

Av. Kwame Nkrumah, n˚417, Sommerschield
Maputo, Mozambique

+258 82 821 7825

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