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Mozambikes is a social enterprise that believes in the power of bicycles to transform lives. Founded in 2010 by Rui Mesquita and Lauren Thomas, Mozambikes aims to provide affordable and customized bicycles to people in rural Mozambique, improving their mobility, access to education, health care, markets, and income opportunities.

Mozambikes also works with donors and partners to sponsor and distribute bicycles to various groups and individuals in need, such as students, health workers, farmers, and entrepreneurs.

Mozambikes’ mission is to create positive social and economic impact in Mozambique through bicycles. Mozambikes’ vision is to see a country where everyone has access to a bicycle and can enjoy its benefits. Mozambikes’ values are innovation, quality, sustainability, and empowerment. Mozambikes’ personality is joyful, passionate, and inspiring.

Mozambikes is more than just a bicycle company. It is a movement that brings hope, happiness, and opportunities to people in rural Mozambique. It is a community that connects and supports people who share the same vision and values. It is a story that celebrates the impact and stories of people who ride bicycles. Mozambikes is the bicycle smile.

Our Team

Rui Mesquita

Lauren Thomas

Aarão Rafael

Pedro Ezequiel

Élio Pais

Zaina Dimande

Staff Factory

Matateu Ubisse

Dejerson Maçanzo

Edson Mangaho

Jorge Pacule

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