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Branded Mozambikes are used by companies, government agencies, NGOs, charities and individuals for many different uses. Whether to spread a message, raise brand awareness or give back to the community, the bicycles are a powerful channel to expose your brand and make a difference simultaneously. The bicycles are sturdy transport to compliment different initiatives focused on health, clean water, education and job employment by providing access to those facilities. Read about some of the ways our amazing partners are using branded bicycles below.

Hundreds of bicycles have been distributed by UNICEF throughout the country to change lives with efficient transport, while spreading the extremely powerful message to combat child marriage into rural areas.

World Vision amplifies the effects of their community workers with branded bicycles, improving the quality of life for these important members of the World Vision family, and increasing their reach into the rural areas to help even more sponsored children.

These brightly colored bicycles promote the proud slogan to “Think Local”. Golo is on the forefront of supporting local business, while offering the bicycles as transport for their workers to use around town during the day.

BCI Bicycles are used to promote the proud Mozambican slogan “E daqui”. BCI also brands bicycles to celebrate their many cultural events, such as their jazz concerts.

Concern bicycles support their health activists in the province of Zambezia, enhancing their program with the capacity to more rural communities, while giving the Concern representatives a means to improve their lives.

Hollard’s powerful purple brand is being strengthened by branded bicycles, which were donated to local communities to solidify Hollard’s social commitment to their communities. Bicycles were also provided to support cultural programs like Mozarte.

On the forefront of social media innovation, Signus uses Mozambikes to promote their brand while using clean transport around the city of Maputo.

Mozal bicycles are aiding the company’s community health representatives to spread their actions further to build stronger communities while giving independence and mobility to improve their own lives.

Sotubos bicycles have been distributed multiple times to hardworking employees based in Maputo as incentives to improve their quality of life with transport.

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