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What is an Ambassador? A Mozambikes Ambassador is someone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others by HELPING our cause. Rural communities in Africa suffer daily from lack of basic living conditions. They soon need support and a "simple" bicycle can have a tremendous impact on their lives and livelihood.

Why Should I Join The Program? To have the possibility of really making a difference in the life of someone living in extreme poverty in Mozambique! We need the support of all those who recognize the importance of a bicycle in the lives of people living in rural areas, without access to transport and who travel long distances daily. Together we can make it happen, one bike at a time.

How to begin? The first step will be to set up your Mozambikes fundraising campaign to make it easier to keep track of your progress while getting more donations from your friends. Download the Ambassador Toolkit and get more information, including creative campaign ideas and ways to go.

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Our Ambassador

Av. Kwame Nkrumah, n˚417, Sommerschield
Maputo, Mozambique

+258 82 821 7825

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