Mozambikes Ambassadors

What is an ambassador?

A Mozambikes Ambassador is someone who wants to help our cause. Rural communities in Africa suffer daily from a lack of basic living conditions. They need support and a 'simple’ bicycle can have a tremendous impact on their lives and livelihoods.

Why should I participate in the program?

We need the support of all those who recognize the importance of a bicycle in the lives of people living in remote rural areas, without access to transport and who travel long distances daily. Together we make a difference, One Bicycle at a Time.

How to get started?

The first step will be to create your Mozambikes fundraiser, share it and track its progress while getting more donations from your friends and network.

A photo-realistic image of a person wearing a blue and red jersey with a white stripe on the sleeves and a white baseball cap, riding on a green and white Mozambikes bicycle on a dirt path in a rural setting. The path is surrounded by small plants and trees, with a cloudy sky and tree line in the distance.

Get started!

  1.   Visit our profile on GivenGain.
  2.  Click ‘Start Fundraising’.
  3.   Sign-up and create your fundraiser account.
  4.   Set-up your project. (And be sure to tell everyone why you are raising funds!)
  5.   Set your fundraising target.
  6.   Set your deadline.
  7.   Add pictures and other details to make your project POP!
  8.   Share and promote your project URL with everyone you know!
  9. Remember, we are counting on you!
A screenshot of the GivenGain website, featuring a green logo with a white ‘G’ and a navigation bar with options such as ‘Home’, ‘About Us’, and ‘Campaigns’. The main content is a featured campaign called ‘Mozambikes’, with a photo of a person riding a bicycle on a dirt road and a description stating that Mozambikes brings new, affordable bicycles to communities in Mozambique to improve access to healthcare, education, water, food, and economic opportunities. The website also has a ‘Donate now’ button and a footer with options such as ‘Terms of use’ and ‘Privacy policy’.

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