Frequently Asked Questions

Who's Mozambikes?

Mozambikes is a for-profit social venture, seeking profits to scale the social mission of the company, which is to alleviate poverty through low-cost, efficient transportation. The business is for-profit to set a precedent for successful business in Mozambique, though we intend to leverage profits to scale the impact of our footprint. We also launched an affiliated donation arm to take advantage of the tremendous amount of philanthropy throughout the world to get bicycles to most disadvantaged people.

What's the minimum number of bikes I can brand for my project/company?

There's NO minimum besides 1 Bicycle. If you just want to buy a few branded bikes for your local business or Company Social Responsibility project, you can do so by ordering as many or little as desired. Let us know how we can help. (link to Contact us)

Can I submit a project in Mozambique to be on the website to look for support?

Yes if you live or work in Mozambique you can help others by helping us. Submit your community project, it will be evaluated and if approved it will be upon the website next to all the others, looking for funds. Email us at


Everyone can help either by donating to a project or by donating a bicycle. If you want to get a bit more involved you can become an Ambassador for Mozambikes in your home town and fundraise for us in a fun way. Volunteering your skills can also be a fantastic way to help since our team is very small and an extra pair of hands is always welcomed. (link to Get Involved or Volunteer)

If I decide to DONATE a full project , can I decide the design and colors of the bikes to be donated to that project?

Yes most definitely! It will be our pleasure to take your BRAND or MESSAGE to those communities.

OUR GOAL is to incentivize Individual, Companies and Organizations to Fully Support the Ongoing Open Project and for that we will brand those bicycles with their look and fell (logos and colors).

What's a Mozambikes Ambassador?

A Mozambikes Ambassador is someone that wants to make a difference in the lives of others by helping our cause. Rural communities in Africa have a daily struggle, they need our support and a bicycle would have a tremendous impact on their lives and livelihood. Mozambikes Ambassadors help us spread the word about the power of bicycles to change lives in Mozambique, one bicycle at a time. Our Ambassadors program offers a platform for you to raise funds to donate bicycles to rural communities living on less than $1 per day.

Ambassadors raise money by organizing events (live or virtual/digital), for example by dedicating their birthdays, running a marathon or a cycling race, organizing a ‘spin for charity’ class at their gym, starting a fund in honor of a loved one, and more

Become Ambassador

Can I just donate one bike?

Yes you can! You can donate as much or little as you want, every donation COUNTS. And sharing the project among your contacts and friends is a HUGE help as well and a different way of donation to Mozambikes. Donate a bike

If I just donate one bike, will I know to whom it is going to be delivered?

We have a long list of recipients waiting to receive a donation bicycle but we often condense them into projects so we save on transport costs on each donation event. So normally we announce the project that your donation was given to and not individually.

Can I recommend a person/story that really needs a bike?

You can but we are more focused on projects since its not feasible to be handing over 1 bicycle at a time in such a big country. But if you have ‘ one of those stories’, we would love to at least hear about it and try to help.

How can I pay?

You can use PAYPAL directly on the website, it’s as easy as that.

If I donate to Mozambikes can I deduct the amount on my taxes?

Yes certainly you can! Mozambikes has an affiliated donation arm called Mozambikes Social Development which is registered in the US, it’s a full 501c. So you can deduct it on your taxes and share your experience with other people so we can have more help from around the world.

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