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Avidêncio's Journey to Education

A child stands next to a green and white Mozambike bicycle with a pink and white striped basket on the back, leaning against a tree trunk in a rural setting with a dirt road and green vegetation in the background.
Published:  July 27, 2023

Meet Avidêncio, an 8-year-old nature enthusiast from Massaca, a remote village in Mozambique. Living more than 10 km away from the nearest school, Avidêncio used to face long, exhausting walks every day, resulting in tardiness and fatigue.

However, everything changed when Avidêncio received a bike from Mozambikes, a social enterprise committed to providing bikes to rural communities. With his newfound wheels, he now enjoys a faster and easier commute to school, significantly enhancing his educational opportunities. In addition, his bicycle allows him to help with daily household chores such as fetching water and groceries.

Avidêncio's story is just one example of how bikes transform lives in rural Mozambique, and Mozambikes is proud to share it. You can join our cause by donating or supporting our mission, as together, we can make a difference—one bike at a time.

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