Rural Mobility

MOZAMBIKES is a social forprofit, seeking to scale the company's mission, which is to reduce poverty through low-cost and highly efficient personal transport. Since 2011, Mozambikes has already distributed more than 75,000 bicycles through Direct Donations or Partnerships with the Private, Public and Development Sectors (NGOs).

MOZAMBIKES aims to EMPOWER people, in search of Social BENEFITS, thus providing GROWTH in communities.

In Mozambique, bicycles are not just transportation, they are ACCESS to health care, clean water, schools, agriculture and even jobs.
Bicycles are a highly efficient means of transport that has a big impact on the country's economy and environment.

Bike Negócio

As thousands of bicycles are distributed throughout the country, an opportunity is created for small entrepreneurs to start their own workshops and resale accessories shops.

From this opportunity, the need to create the BIKE NEGÓCIO Program was created naturally.

The BIKE NEGÓCIO´s shops are excellent complements to the global project of Mozambikes as they give greater sustainability to all Mozambikes Programs.

The concept of ​BIKE NEGÓCIO gives sustainability to the Project, at the same time providing more jobs throughout the country and has been a great success since its launch.

Mozambikes Jr.

Mozambikes Jr. is a program designed by Mozambikes that aims to contribute to the promotion of bicycle use by all primary school students in the National Education System in Mozambique, through its inclusion in the programmatic and thematic framework of Physical Education.

  • Giving children from pre-school and public primary school level the opportunity to learn a new sport in school, motivating them to do sports and be active since an early age while learning.
  • Integration of the program in the class of Physical Education, training the teachers and giving them more tools and diversity in this subject, so the students can learn how to ride a bicycle.
  • The bicycles are to be property of the school so they can be used during the classes or school activities.
  • Riding a bicycle not only improves physical fitness but it also benefits the child's learning development and mental health.


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