Every Mozambike Bicycle that we produce means a job for three technicians and one painter. Mozambikes gives them the power to positively change their own lives and contribute to the development of Mozambique.

General lacking formal education, we offer in-house training. Our employees are very loyal and we currently employ 18 full time employees, with the intention to scale up to near 30 employees. Mozambikes provides above-minimum-wage salaries and regular bonuses.

Mozambikes also regularly trains technicians in rural communities to build new skills and help bring better bicycle care to rural areas. So far we have trained over 50 community technicians, a majority of which are women. This provides them a stable source of income.

Social Impact

Mozambikes helps people who live below the poverty line to access their own bike through donations, branded bicycles and micro loans.

Throughout the country, the average person lives 30km from the nearest health center, and also must walk hours to reach schools and clean water.   Almost 80% of people work in the informal sector, such as farmers or people who buy and sell goods. For these people and their communities, their daily income and productivity is determined by how much they can carry, how far and how fast. Bicycles can make a real impact in their lives. They will provide easier access to the goods, services and education that can help lift them out of poverty.

In urban and peri-urban areas where millions of people are minimum wage workers earn between $2-5USD per day, bicycles provide a way to save around 20% of their daily incomes on bus fare.


Mozambikes recognizes the importance of creating a bicycle industry in Mozambique to create jobs and help lift people out of poverty.

In a country where 70% of the working population is engaged in farming and manufacturing, creating a business and adding skills for the maintenance of bikes is an important means of living.

If Mozambikes can increase daily incomes for those living below the poverty line by a 3x multiple, it can help to increase the overall GNI by 10%. This leads to growth that compliments other activities happening in the community contributing to the overall wellbeing of all.

Our focus on growth also includes initiatives to create a biking ecosystem, including bicycle lanes on busy roads, promoting road and bicycle safety campaigns and supporting the local cycling community.

Av. Kwame Nkrumah, n˚417, Sommerschield
Maputo, Mozambique


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