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Girl MOVE Academy is a leadership academy that is promoting a new generation of young female leaders in Africa through a unique mentorship methodology, recently recognized by UNESCO with the UNESCO 2021 Award for Girls’ and Women’s Education.

In 2020, Girl MOVE Academy strengthened its position as a leading academy that creates real value and impact in Mozambique and the world, through the design and implementation of Changemaker LAB, a lab for co-creating solutions to test and validate ideas to respond to the social challenges of its ecosystem, finding impact solutions with the potential to be scaled and replicated, in line with the 2030 SDGs.

In 2022, one of the challenges of Changemaker LAB, taking place from April to July 2022, is about smart mobility in grassroot communities. We will map, study and understand the mobility needs of Marrere, a peri urban neighborhood in Nampula, Mozambique.

After the needs assessment, we will pilot and test how bicycles have more potential to impact that community.

As a social innovation lab, Changemaker LAB aims to validate assumptions and test solutions, including replication and scalability success factors in its outputs.

This campaign will raise 6 bicycles for Girl MOVERS to bring bicycles to the community of Marrere. The girls behind this campaign are Helena, Leila, Ercília and Shamita. They are Girl MOVERS that have graduated from engineering, management and international relations areas.

This campaign will provide:

• 6 Bicycles • Transport • Spare parts and accessories • Basic bike care and maintenance items


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