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KULIMA is a National NGO, based in Maputo and with several delegations in other provinces, and has been developing several programs to support agricultural associations, disadvantaged communities and refugees from the Civil War, through the implementation of agricultural production techniques, irrigation and promotion of Gender and Nutrition.

The developed project aims to support some beneficiaries that Kulima has been working for a long time in several communities in the District of Namaacha, which unfortunately had their activities paralyzed due to climatic conditions (floods and drought) and mainly due to the limitation of lack of transportation for their daily commute.

These beneficiaries are represented by small producers who practice agriculture in small areas of 0.5 hectares per family, producing corn, beans, sweet potatoes, cutting firewood and producing charcoal.

When we talk about the living conditions of these people we look at the difficulties they face in accessing various basic services such as: health, school and water, with only a small percentage of the resident population having easy access to these services.

Because of this, most of these beneficiaries are forced to walk long distances to access these services.They have to walk approximately 10 to 30km, not counting the daily trips to the fields. Some spend between 40 to 120 meticais in daily transport, to go to other local points in the district, and the income they make is not always enough to cover the family's other expenses.

In this context, it would be of great importance to provide bicycles as a means of transportation for these people, as it would help to reduce the distances to the places where they do their activities.

Thus, this campaign aims to provide 42 bicycles for small producers, which in addition to shortening the distances, would help to make the flow of productions from the farm to the local market, in the purchase of inputs for production, among other needs and also to support community mobilizers in awareness-raising work and the community in general.

The campaign will provide: • 42 Bicycles • Transport • Spare parts and accessories • Basic training on bicycle care and maintenance

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