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The Gorongosa National Park is located in Sofala Province and is guided by the principle that nature conservation and community development should go hand in hand, and employs approximately 1000 people from local communities who ensure the protection of flora and fauna.

The Park has developed a project in Nhamantanda District that covers residents of local communities namely: Vinho, Nhamcaze, Bebedo, Caterpila and Micheu located along the southern border of Gorongosa National Park and aims to support approximately 200,000 people who living around the Park through the promotion of education programs focused on Sustainable Agriculture, honey production, conservation training, health care and income generation.

The Park trains young men and women collaborators, these collaborators are trained to manage the hive fences that lie along the Pungué River as a way to prevent elephants from entering their fields at night.

Daily they wake up very early to set up and check the fences, depending on the location of each fence, they can walk about 3 km carrying heavy material from the fences and when they have to move to sell their agricultural products and honey produced, they can walk between 25 and 30 km from their homes to the markets in the Metchuria or Nhamantanda.

This campaign aims to raise 36 bicycles for employees in Gorongosa National Park, where the bicycle will make it easier for them to travel and improve their quality of life so they can perform their tasks more efficiently in their areas of work.

This campaign will provide:

  • 36 Bicycles
  • Transport
  • Accessories
  • Basic training on bicycle care and maintenance


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