This Project lies in one of Mozambikes pillars, EMPLOYMENT, giving Mozambicans specially in remote areas of the country the possibility and the tools to strive. In this case we have identified a special project in the Mozambique Island, part of Nampula Province. “Ilha de Moçambique” in Portuguese, is a special place full of history and endless stories but very poor and the local communities need support.

It’s a place that is visited by numerous foreigners of various nationalities due to its patrimonial cultural, beauty and touristic importance, from the Arabs to the Portuguese and Mozambicans so it’s an interesting blend and beautiful mix of cultures in such a small place and it was once the capital of the country due to its geographic location and importance.

Amisse Ibraimo Abdul is a local Mozambican entrepreneur that has been a tourist guide since a very early age and needs some help to grow his idea and employ more youngsters and make is dream come true. He is now providing various services to residents and foreigners, through tourist excursions, guided tours on and off the island, boat trips around the island in its neighbouring islands but with the bicycles he can grow faster and employ more young kids that otherwise have no future of perspectives of getting a job and end on the streets.

The majority of the tourists come to Mozambique Island for a short time, they do not have the possibility to know all the touristic points if done on foot, because the historical monuments are far away, which makes the tour exhausting for tourists. It’s a small place but still far from end to end if done on foot.

So through the rental of bicycles and putting together a bike repair and maintenance shop will give him sustainability on this new area and allow him to grow the business and help residents, who have bicycles but are unable to repair them by maintaining them.

This campaign, aims to raise 11 bicycles, where it will help to improve the time management of tourists. And with the bicycle workshop will help in the maintenance of bicycles, as a way to ensure their sustainability and thus increase the number of bicycles in Mozambique Island.

This campaign will provide:

• 11 Bicycles
• Transport
• 1 Bike Shop
• Spare Parts and Accessories
• Basic training on bicycle care and maintenance

I'm Meque Guerra Seifane, I'm 22 years old.

In 2017 I started my sweet potato micro-business, where I do the cultivation in Maputo province and distribution in Maputo City. In addition, I manufacture paper bags by hand, which I supply to other businesses that need bags that replace the plastic bag. It was graces to a Mozambike donation that I had the opportunity to expand the distribution of my products. It was in this wider circulation process that I have known, NUED LANGERIE.

NUED LANGERIE proposed that I make the mobile sales and distribution of its products through the city of Maputo. This means traveling about 20km daily. To do this, I had to create more resources: human and transport.

As a dynamic young person who I am and willing to expand my company, focusing on sustainability, efficiency and job creation, I created a small team for the distribution of sweet potato and NUED products.

Knowing the advantages of using bicycles as an environmentally friendly and low-maintenance means of transportation, I ask Mozambikes to donate 2 bicycles so that I can do more work and generate income for more people.

This campaign will provide:


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