The Changalane Women's Association consists of women farmers living in Changalane, Namaacha District, Maputo Province.

The women farmers of the Changalane Association have agriculture as their livelihood and most of them are themselves responsible for their families, which means that the family income depends on them.

In their daily lives, they face various difficulties that affect the production of their crops, due to the lack of an improved irrigation system, and mainly due to the lack of a means of transportation that helps them to move around. So these bicycles will certainly make all the difference in accomplishing these and other tasks of their daily lives.

These women farm in common in a field belonging to the association, and each of them has her own plot in this space for her own income. And they also practice dry farming on their private and independent fields, which are far away from the village of Changalane, where they have their houses.

They travel up to 12 kilometers a day on foot, which means that they have to get up very early and only return at sunset, leaving them no time to do other work at home.

Therefore, the campaign aims to raise 40 bicycles for the women farmers of the Changalane Women's Association. The bicycles will help alleviate the daily sacrifice of the miles they walk to reach their fields. On the other hand, they will save time, which will allow them to perform other domestic activities that they cannot perform today due to lack of time, and will allow them to transport their production, either for family consumption or for commercialization in the local market.

This campaign will provide:
• 40 Bicycles
• Transportation
• Spare parts and accessories
• Basic training on bicycle care and maintenance


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