The MACHULANE association, founded in 2012 is based in the town of Machulane, in the district of Manjacaze in the province of Gaza, which is part of the administrative post in Chibonzane, about 30 km from the main town on a dirt road.

The MACHULANE associacional created the project Encourage Education in Girls in Machulane to support girls and help them to avoid dropping out of school, due to the long distances they have to walk daily to school, due to the lack of transportation. These girls take about 2 hours to walk, that’s around 20 km from Machulane every day to Chiguivitane where the school is located.

Most of these girls put their own lives at risk since they start their walk at dawn, often still in the darkness with the aim of arriving early at school and avoiding missing classes.

With these bicycles, the girls will gain confidence and morale to continue going to school and also improve their academic performance, as it will allow them to optimize time, help with trips to the field, in the search for water and firewood, thus allowing them more time to dedicate to studies after daily tasks.

The aim is to collect 20 bicycles to improve the quality of life for girls in Machulane in order to help them stay in school.

This campaign will provide:


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