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CFAO MOTORS Moçambique Drives Change for Mozambican Activists with Bicycles

Published:  December 8, 2023

In a powerful collaboration between CFAO MOTORS Moçambique, MOZAMBIKES, and VIDA, a groundbreaking initiative has been set into motion to provide vital support to vulnerable families in Mozambique. Through the distribution of Mozambikes to 39 dedicated activists across key districts, this project aims to enhance the reach and impact of their invaluable work within rural communities and among vulnerable groups.

Empowering Activists:

The official handover of bicycles took place this week in Maputo, marking a significant step towards empowering activists who play a crucial role in advocating for the rights and well-being of Mozambique's most vulnerable populations. The strategic allocation of resources reflects a commitment to supporting these individuals in carrying out their mission more effectively.

Enhancing Capabilities Through Training:

Under the umbrella of VIDA's and the Provincial Social Affairs Services project, activists underwent comprehensive training to enhance their capabilities. The training focused on various aspects, including safeguarding children's rights, identifying those not receiving compulsory education, preventing early marriages, monitoring instances of child sexual abuse, overseeing orphaned children, and efficiently liaising with state services to address risky situations promptly.

Overcoming Geographic Challenges:

Despite their dedication and training, activists faced a significant challenge in covering the substantial distances between villages and administrative hubs. Recognizing this hurdle, the collaborative initiative understood the importance of providing activists with bicycles. These two-wheeled companions serve as practical solutions to enhance mobility, allowing swift follow-up on cases, expedited reporting to authorities, and, most importantly, ensuring the protection of vulnerable children.

The Symbolism of Bicycles:

The collaborative initiative led by Mozambikes and CFAO MOTORS Moçambique goes beyond providing transportation; it symbolizes a commitment to empowering grassroots change-makers. As activists navigate through challenging terrains and remote areas, their bicycles become more than just means of transportation – they embody progress and hope. The wheels of these bicycles will carry the tireless efforts of activists, ensuring that they can continue their mission to safeguard the well-being of Mozambique's most vulnerable populations.

The Power of Collective Action:

This initiative stands as a testament to the power of collective action and solidarity in addressing societal challenges. By equipping activists with bicycles, Mozambikes, CFAO MOTORS Moçambique and VIDA have not only facilitated movement but have also created a tangible symbol of progress and commitment. The collaboration serves as an inspiring example of how businesses, non-profits, and community organizations can join forces to drive positive change at the grassroots level.


As the Mozambikes find new owners and activists embark on their journeys across challenging terrains, the collaborative effort between Mozambikes and CFAO MOTORS Moçambique and VIDA showcases the transformative impact that can be achieved through collective action. The project not only provides practical solutions for activists but also stands as a beacon of hope, illustrating the potential for positive change when businesses and organizations come together to address the unique challenges faced by vulnerable communities.


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