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Transforming Lives in Ocua: Generous Donors Provide 70 Bicycles for Education Access in Mozambique

A group of young students wearing white shirts and black pants stand next to a line of green and white Mozambikes bicycles with baskets on the front, parked on a dirt road with trees and a single-story building with a red roof in the background. The sky is blue with white clouds.
Published:  July 27, 2023

Mozambikes is grateful to our generous donors TechnipFMC, TJJV-TP JGC Coral, ETJV- ENHL TechnipFMC Mozambique, SHI- Samsung Heavy Industries Mozambique, for their donation of 70 bicycles, which will make a big positive difference in the lives of these benefited students in Ocua.

Ocua is a location in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province, where many children face difficulty accessing education due to the lack of transportation and infrastructure. They have to walk for hours every day, crossing long distances, rough roads, and unsafe areas. This affects their health, safety, and academic performance, as well as their future prospects.

With the bicycles donated by our donors, these students can travel faster, safer, and easier to school, improving their attendance, learning outcomes, and opportunities. They can also access other essential services, such as health care, markets, and community activities. The bicycles will also empower them to pursue their dreams and aspirations, such as becoming teachers, doctors, or engineers.

Mozambikes is proud to share the impact of this donation with our donors and supporters. We will be creating and sharing some images of the students receiving and using their bicycles soon. Stay tuned for more updates on our blog and social media channels.


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