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Grindrod Mobility Project Transform Lives in Namaacha and Boane

Published:  October 25, 2023

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Grindrod donated 177 bicycles to schools in Namaacha and Boane in the province of Maputo. This project will directly impact 77 teachers, school staff, five mechanics, and 95 students from 5 schools in the region.

This initiative carried out in partnership with Mozambikes, aims to transform lives and communities and encourage education and development in the communities where it operates. In addition to providing bicycles, lectures were held on traffic safety, and a workshop will be made available, which will be managed by the schools for maintenance.

Benefiting Teachers and School Staff

Ismenia Ferreira, National HR Manager from Grindrod in Mozambique, explains, “With this initiative, Grindrod aims to significantly impact education, not only helping students attend schools but allowing teachers to reach schools efficiently. Teachers, students, and employees live between 5 and 45 kilometers from their place of work. Public transport is scarce; on average, most employees spend 3 hours a day commuting. According to reports from schools, this fact has caused delays and regular absences by teachers, both at school and in the classroom, thus harming the teaching and learning process of the 2,148 students.”

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

Mozambikes and Grindrod believe that empowering local mechanics is the key to the bicycles' longevity and the project's long-term impact.

Through the Bike Business training, the new entrepreneurs and mechanics will be able to service the bicycles donated through the project and those already existing in the communities.

Ensuring that bicycles are always kept in good condition will make accessing education, healthcare, and employment easier.

Changed Lives for the Better

Grindrod’s purpose is to make a positive difference in Africa’s trade with the world, touching the lives of the communities in which it operates.

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