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Empowering Students in Namaíta: Mozambikes Provides Bicycles for Better Education Access

A young boy wearing a white shirt and blue pants patterned school uniform rides a white and green patterned Mozambikes bicycle in a rural school with trees, buildings, and a yellow and red flag in the background.
Published:  July 27, 2023

Mozambikes is thrilled to announce our recent bicycle distribution in Namaíta, where we partnered with Namaíta Secondary School to support students who faced daily challenges walking over 7km to attend classes. This long and tiring journey adversely affected their health, safety, and academic performance, often causing them to arrive late and miss important learning opportunities.

With the provision of bicycles, these students will experience improved daily routines, arriving on time for all classes and enhancing their overall school performance. Additionally, the bikes will grant them access to vital services like healthcare, local markets, and community activities. Most importantly, these bicycles will empower them to pursue their dreams of becoming teachers, doctors, engineers, and more.

Mozambikes is proud to share some heartwarming images capturing the students' joy and gratitude upon receiving and utilizing their new bicycles. 

We greatly appreciate our donors, partners, and supporters for making this distribution possible. You, too, can improve mobility, productivity, and overall quality of life by providing bicycles to those who need them most. Together, we can create lasting change—one bicycle at a time.

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