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Boosting Employment Opportunities for Youth in Mozambique

Published:  March 22, 2024

On Friday, February 23rd, an inspiring scene of celebration and recognition unfolded in Quelimane, Mozambique. It was the moment of awarding the prize to Gissel José Lengo, an exemplary student and winner of the national competition "If You Were President, What Would You Do to Create More Jobs for Young People", promoted within the MOBILIZE project. The competition, aimed at encouraging young people to share ideas to boost employment opportunities, successfully achieved its goal by rewarding the creativity and engagement of the participants.

Gissel José Lengo, beaming with her achievement, expressed deep gratitude to the MASC Foundation for the prize awarded, a bicycle. She emphasized how this mode of transportation would be fundamental for her daily commute between home and college, significantly contributing to her academic journey in the city of Quelimane. This recognition not only rewards a talented young woman but also highlights the positive impact initiatives like the MOBILIZE project can have on the lives of Mozambican youth.

During the award ceremony, John Chekwa, Provincial Coordinator and Social Mediator of the MASC Foundation in Zambézia, underscored the importance of active participation from various segments of society in actions aimed at good governance and local development. In particular, Chekwa highlighted the relevance of including young people, women, and persons with disabilities in discussions and practices shaping the future of Mocuba, a district located in the province of Zambézia. This acknowledgment of diversity and the need for everyone's participation reflects the MASC Foundation's commitment to promoting a fair and equitable society for all Mozambicans.

Furthermore, Chekwa took the opportunity to thank Mozambikes for the support provided to this initiative. Collaboration between organizations is essential for the success of projects aimed at driving development and creating tangible opportunities for youth in Mozambique. Mozambikes, with its dedication to sustainable mobility and promoting access to transportation, plays a crucial role in this process, not only providing bicycles but also facilitating mobility and access to education and employment for many Mozambican youth.

This event is not just a celebration of a winner but also a powerful demonstration of the transformative potential of youth-focused initiatives in Mozambique. By encouraging active participation and giving voice to young people, we are building a more inclusive and prosperous future for all. Awarding the prize to Gissel José Lengo is not just an isolated milestone but a significant step towards a Mozambique where every young person has the opportunity to fulfill their full potential and contribute to the country's sustainable development.


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