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Mozambikes welcomes ESCIDE-UEM delegation

Published:  February 2, 2024

We are delighted to share with you some exciting news from our headquarters in Maputo. Last week, we had the honor of hosting a group of students and professors from the School of Sports Sciences and Physical Education of Eduardo Mondlane University (ESCIDE-UEM), one of the most prestigious institutions in Mozambique.

The purpose of the visit was to learn more about Mozambikes' work and impact in the rural communities of our country, where we provide affordable and reliable bicycles to improve the lives of thousands of people. Our guests were eager to discover how we operate, from our business model and social mission to our production and distribution processes.

We started the day explaining the history, vision, and goals of Mozambikes, highlighting some of the challenges and opportunities that we face as a social enterprise in a developing country. The presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session, where the ESCIDE-UEM delegation asked insightful questions and shared their feedback and suggestions.

Next, we moved to the workshop area, where our team of skilled mechanics showed our visitors how we assemble and test our bicycles. We use high-quality parts and materials to ensure that our bicycles are durable and safe for the rough terrain and harsh weather conditions of rural Mozambique. We also customize our bicycles with logos and colors of our sponsors and partners, who support our cause and help us reach more beneficiaries.

The highlight of the visit was when the ESCIDE-UEM delegation got to try out our bicycles themselves. They joined us in a fun and friendly ride around the bicycle testing lane, experiencing the joy and convenience of riding a Mozambikes.

We ended the day with a group photo and a warm farewell. We are very grateful to the ESCIDE-UEM delegation for their interest and enthusiasm for our project. We hope that this visit will inspire them to pursue their academic and professional goals with passion and dedication. We also hope that this visit will strengthen the collaboration and friendship between our organizations, as we share a common vision of creating a positive impact in Mozambique.

Thank you, ESCIDE-UEM, for joining us on this journey of change. Together, one bicycle at a time, let's shape a brighter future for Mozambique!


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